How many RPM's will I gain?


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Sig pretty much describes my build. All stock motor except springs. I have a 10" PTC LU converter and a built Trans. Question is, car stalls at 3,000 with this converter as it sits. Now I know a stock headed and cam motor isn't ideal with my turbo, but I wanted to grow into it and don't really mind the lag. I feel I need atleast 3200 for this turbo, my question is how much of a gain in RPM's will I see with an upgraded cam and ported irons? Will it give me that 200 RPM's I feel I need or will I need to get a new converter and or get it restalled? Building a forged motor for the car and trying to plan ahead. It will be a stock stroke, std bore build. Looking for some opinions. Thanks.
If you're doing cam and heads you will likely pick up 800-1200 rpm depending on how hard you hit it. Stock heads/cam 4000-4400 operating range. Cam/heads, intercooler, turbo 5000-5600 or more if it can pull it in 3rd.

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