How Many Screens with RA Chips?


May 25, 2001
How many screens (inside the MAF) are you supposed to use with RA chips (100 & 107)? Thanks!! :confused:
I tried none (didn't go well)...

Bad business! I have another MAF (thank God)!! I mutilated the screen though. Any suggestions???:mad:
Unless you ported the MAF and removed the retaining slots from inside the MAF, you could take a screen and retaining ring from a MAF that has two screens and put one in there.

If you did remove the retaining slots, beats me what you can do.
no screens

I have no screen in mine and have ported it out and my car seems to run much better. Have a thrasher 100 chip too! go figure. If it starts to mess up my wife will have to let me get a lt1 mass air flow sensor with the translator plus:) :) :)
If you look inside the MAF where the screens go, you'll see some locking tabs for the rings that hold the screen in place. It's not hard to stick a screen in there as long as you are patient. The rings break easy if you go after them hard. If you're easy with them though, its a snap.