How much is an 1987 GN worth?


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Nov 20, 2005
Hey guys! Well Ive been debating it for a while and it looks like its time to move on. =( I think I will be putting my 1987 GN up for sale and I wanted to get everyone's advice on what they think its really worth. Below are the mods (that I remember) and what Ive done to the car. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!!

60lb Mototrons
Gen 2 Translator
RJC Air Plate (forgot the official name)
Custom MSD Taylor Wires
Kirban Headers and cross over
P-Trim 6176 DBB Turbo Water Cooled (boost set @ 27psi)
Custom Made steel braided turbo oil filter with billet oil filter piece
Huge 3" Front Mount Intercooler
3.5" Aluminum Radiator
2 3/4" Exhaust with straight pipe (Cat delete)
Wide Band O2 Sensor
Poly Motor mounts (left and right)
Alky Control Meth Injection
BSTC Boost controller
Adjustable Waste Gate
Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
Chip for Smog and Race Chip (I forgot the makers but the race chip is set up for the Gen 2 Translator)
Black Aftermarket Valve covers (not installed yet)
Double Roller Timing Chain
Front and Rear Main Seals replaced (car has no leaks)
Powerlogger with sensor to read/log fuel pressure too

Rebuilt with extra clutches throughout
Billet Drum ($500 option)
3200 9/11 Aluminum TC with LU
Plate and Fin external Trans Cooler
A few other goodies that I forgot

-Rear End
Eaton Posi Unit
31 spline axles
longer wheel studs for racing rims/slicks
Balanced drive shaft with upgraded u-joints (forgot which ones but they were the best like 5 years ago)
drive shaft loop

notched rear frame to fit 10.5" slicks
"rolled" fenders for more clearance
trunk braces for handling
front radiator cross bar (aftermarket) for better handling
Bilstien Shocks (car handles surprisingly well for an 87!)

T-Pillar Gauge with Boost and WB Air Fuel Gauge
Radio Delete Gauge Setup with Oil Temp, Trans Temp, Water Temp
Duel Gauge Pod on Center Console with Oil PSI and (I forgot the other one)
All gauges are Autometer except the WB Gauge
Hood Mounted Fuel PSI gauge

Ive done everything to make this car a solid daily driver and a beast on the strip! Ive only put the best parts that I could find and spared little expenses. I planned on keeping this car in the family so when ever I bought or upgraded parts I always tried to get the best that money can buy. The bottom end is mostly stock and the heads have never been off! My wife even says that once you pull the heads off you break the "aura" and thats why the car hasnt broken down yet! lol. I was planning on eventually upgraded the camshaft and heads (was saving up to get aluminum champion heads) but with the FOURTH baby on the way, budget is WAYYY limited. So unfortunately I have to sell. I havent raced the car in about 2-3 years but Ive driven it every once in a while. Still runs and idles smooth!

Body has some rust on it. Some areas are on the door near the bottom, the trunk lid and in the rear near the tires. Some spots have rusted through. The floor pan was once replaced too and Im assuming because the original rusted out. Its a T-Top and the seals are old so they leak. I had to replace the left T-Top glass so the plastic grey trim piece is missing. Other than that its not bad. I would say the body is a 6-7 just because the rust. Paint is okay but a paint job would make it look like a million bucks!

Honestly guys I dont want to give this car away but we do need the money and garage space! So if anyone is interested in buying it or if you think you can give me an honest quote of what it is worth or what it should sell for I would greatly appreciated it! Honestly I think the perfect match would be someone who knows body work since the drivetrain is SOLID! Thanks again guys!!!
I'd say at least $15k out here... When I was looking for cars around $10K everything out here was GARBAGE. I had to get an East coast car ($9K +$1150 shipped) and it was a solid car (rust free, decent simple mods) but the motor ended up being on the way out.

I'd say start high, $19K on craigslist, etc... and then don't take less than $15k.

Also, anyone who sees it and says... "Yeah, but it is a t-top car..." tell them well, this isn't the car for you, it's for someone else..." Because truly it is (I SEARCHED for t-top car, I wanted a cruiser) and they are probably saying that as a bargaining chip, will walk away and within 30minutes call you to accept whatever OBO you were at (happened with me on a modded Trans Am that needed "special smog attention"...).

For my own personal curiosity, any pics?