how much oil does a TTA hold ?

phil conrad

May 25, 2001
I have just changed the oil and filter( Napa gold 1086) on my car. I put in 5 quarts. The dip stick shows it is a quart low. I thought these cars held 5 quarts with the filter. ??????
Ahhhhh, the mysterious 6th quart of oil question:eek:

I had the same thing happen when I first changed my oil, put in 5 quarts and it showed 1 qt low. When I had my engine out I looked at the dipstick and where it shows full and you won't be hurting anything by either running with 5 or 6 quarts. 6 will bring the level a little closer to the crank but not close enough to worry about. I usually run 5.5qts and put the last .5 in after it gets down to the add mark. Kind of a comprimise I guess.