How much should I pay to have a shift kit installed?


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May 29, 2001
I called the "Real Art Carr" today and inquired about a shift kit. Since they are located less than 10 miles down the road from me I asked about the cost for an install. They said the kit was like $60 but for them to do the install was $300!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: What is a fair price for an install on one of these kits?

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It may take an hour to 1 1/2 hours start-to-finish for the install. I don't even think a Ferrari dealer charges $200/hr. for labor. Maybe they hired a lawyer to install valve body kits. :p
$300.00 not bad...

In a pro shop 300.00 for sk is not bad. You got kit , time to install, and if done correctly will take a little longer being clean. Then you have fluid ,tax, hazmat fees, and dial in time. I quote the same. Especially if you are going to play with servo and/or pr setup.
I do not think that is that far out of line if you get what you want job is done correctly without hurting anything else and clean.

just my 2 cents

This is a theory I will be living by from now on.

Never bicker about price. Ask once if that is the best price they can do and see what happens. After that if I know the shop knows what they are doing and will stand behind there work. Go for it.

As long as it is a resonable price and you will get your moneys worth. If they charge a little more than Joe blow down the street and they screw up then they have to fix it, or not get paid.

Sometimes, correction.... All the time it doesn't pay to be penny wise dollar foolish. Just look at all the problems people have on this board by trying to save a dime. I'm a victim as well. But I'm a quick learner. My problem is patience and the desire to do everything myself. Getting better the older I get.

Damn Bruce, don't you realize by now that the customer is always right and you are supposed to tell him what he wants to hear no matter what? LOL :D :D Wow, so $300 labor plus parts isn't so bad, huh?

By the way, thanks for turning me on to Manny and Sod Bogosian. Sod did top notch work on my car and it is running like a beast now!! :) Now I plan to F it all up by installing my new TA49 and big neck
Go for it....

Just make sure you have fun doing it. That is what this is all about and enjoy.:)

A) It is a true statement.

B) Since I often hear people complain about the cost of transmission work I thought I would make a point, in other words, you get what you pay for. This was not necessarily directed at any one person.
In no way am I interested in the "cheapest" guy I can find. I buy the best parts I can afford and buy them once. But by the same token I'm no sucker either, and have no desire to get cored out. $300 just sounds on the high side to me, but then again I'm NOT a trans expert and don't know the amount of work involved; thus the reason why I asked the question in the first place.

If $300 for the install is in fact the going rate for a quality job, then fine I'll gladly pay it. However, it seems as though we have some knowledgable people here on both sides of the argument regarding whether $300 is a fair price or not. :)
Leo was making a point.....

All I can vouch for is, like me, Leo is "In the trenches" .
He knows what it takes time to do the job right. :D
He was just screwin with ya..:D

Let me try this again, without the tongue in cheek. If you have the right guy do the job he will know more than just what the instructions say to do. Certain changes that may be needed, either in addition to or as one of the selections in a VB kit. That alone can be worth more than that price. Also, the bottom line is if something should happen this person is on the line for fixing it which can easily cost much more than that price in parts alone. This is not suggesting that you are paying them if they screw up, just on the contrary, as a business person, you would be naive or foolish to expose yourself to that risk W/O proper compensation. If you think about it, many people drop $400-500 when they go to their local brake shop and for the most part that is not nearly as complicated as working with a tranny. Lastly, if you get the job done properly (and finding someone to do that could be harder than dropping the money) you will be amazed at the difference in how your vehicle performs and stands up and I think that has value in itself. Hope I didn't ruffle any feathers!
Kudos Leo!!!

I knew what you meant.LOL :) And ruffle feathers? Not at all. Sometimes our "dry senseless" transmission humour affends them. But they get over it quick. Thanks for the insight Leo, please help us out with tech at anytime. LOLOLOL:) BT

Fair enough. Leo, that's the information I was looking for. Sounds as though if done correctly the install might take a bit longer than it might appear to the casual observer. I feel better having had a bit more of an explanation of what is involved. My feathers are just fine. :D Thanks for the info.