How much trouble would my friend give me????

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Well it might be the other. He says its a turbo and makes it sound like it can be equal to a TT supra :eek: He also says it runs 14s stock. So I dunno what to expect.

roc87 Im sure I will be emailing you quite a bunch with some questions. Talk to you later man. If you have Aim that would be awsome! :cool: :) Lata
only the turbo versions of that engine go fast. the non turbo engines arent very fast. I have a friend with one and his runs high 16s. So if hes got the turbo you can expect low 14s out of it possibly if hes done the normal stuff like muffler and intake. but most people dont modify them more than that, so they never really get fast enough to take your car. if he starts upgrading turbos and intercoolers like some people do, then with alot of work, he may get it into the high 12s. they dont quite respond as well as turbo buick cars do to mods. so I dont think he will cause you too much trouble.
SR20DET conversion

Depends on what you run, man. I ran across a red 240ZX at my local 1/4 mile track (Cayuga) with a SR20DET engine in it (non stock turbo/intercooler/ boost pressure). He ran a 12.8 second 1/4 mile run on drag radials. Not too shabby for a very stock looking 240 ZX.

The SR20DET is the turbo 2L I4 Nissan block. It can hold boost. It's like the baby brother to the RB26TT Skyline block.

The car I ran across had zero block/head/cam work. But he did upgrade the turbo/injectors/IC. Depends on what work you do with your 92 RS GN conversion. His setup should be good for between low 14s to high 12s, unless he drops serious coin on it.
:D You guys just might flame me on this one. Here in hawaii, there is a sentra on our island, Oahu. This Sentra had the SR20DET from a Nissan Bluebird in Japan. Originally..the Sentra had is SR20DE, hence, like most japanese cars, "T" means it's turboed, "TT" would mean it's Twin Turboed. Anyways...he upgraged its intercooler and did some other fuel enrichment things to the car. I was told that this car was pushing 18psi, and I still dont believe it. When his project "SER" was finished he took it to our local track. On street radials...he posted some where in the 13s. On Nitto Drags...he busted out some 12s. :rolleyes: That was easily believable because there are already Sentras on the mainland posting single digits. One thing I could not believe was, that this very same car could take on a 95 CBR 900RR. This became a very popular debate amongst the import scene in Hawaii, since there were 3 people to take witness to this. the Sentra owner, his passenger and the 900RR's driver. The sentra owner was pretty hot headed..would never turn down a challenge. The 900RR notice the car was turboed from its blow-off-valve. The story goes...the 900RR popped a rev, the sentra guy nodded his head...the sentra down shifted...and so did the 900RR. The catch was...the Sentra didnt push it till the bike was at least 20 or 30ft away, he just "made like" he was going to push the car from the get go...then he would really shoot the car out after the bike. I would believe this if the the car was bottle fed...but a friend said he wasnt. :confused: later...the Sentra would pull up to bike...popped rev, making his blow-off-valve sound off, down it again..and drive away pulling farther from the bike. My friend who also ride bikes know for a fact that the 900RR guy lost to the car...the guy got so mad that he sold his bike and bought a honda prelude. :eek: That made the whole race believable. I last remember this guy previously bought an R1. but this sentra now missing from the scene, though I've seen it once. Some of you may have seen it on Nitto Ads in magazines that cover the import race scene. but this was some time between '96-'98, when the Import race scene in Hawaii started to be more appealing to mainlanders.

Today, there are many 240sx swapping its "KA" truck engine for the SR20DET. with a lengthy list of mods, some are capable of pushing 500hp. A friend of my brother and I has done this to his 240sx. He's gotten a bigger intercooler, a bigger get the point...he was able to pull out some high 10s to mid 11s, on slicks. Last I remember him dynoing his car at, was somewhere between 320hp-350hp.

Dropping a 231 turbo 6 into an RS would be pretty cool. Just that the RS looks heavier than the G-body. I'd rather drop in a 454 crate, and still be streatable. but anythings possible.:D :D. hey...I used to drive and race my celica...decent times too mid 13s all motor, on a slipping clutch...I can say I'm much happier Driving my T-Type.

I have a similar story to that of 85 TRRR.

Their is a guy down here in a white sentra, 95 I think that did the swap. He built a DET motor with a T04 and a front mount off a starion and I think he's getting about 17 psi out of it. The car is pretty quick, but it's no where the 12's. I think his best et so far has been somewhere in the low 14's. I know this because my friends raced him in his SS impala and he pulled on him by a car. My friend runs a 14.0 in that thing with a 1.87 60'.

Just built some boost and nail it and you shouldn't have a problem. He's just going to spin those tires all over the place and by the time he hooks, you'll have a few cars on him.
so so sooooooooooo true. FWD cars have the hardest time hooking up their tires. they look hilarious when the launch off the tree; their front end starts hopping like a bad habbit.
I dont think you need wheelie bars coz your car is a piece of crap. See the URL? It says ''.....not ""--come race me, i'll give you wheelie bars--
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I dont think you need wheelie bars coz your car is a piece of crap. See the URL? It says ''.....not ""--come race me, i'll give you wheelie bars--
:eek:Jeebers! I think you need to go relieve some pent up anxiety. Dont worry! Despite what your mother may have told you....pulling on your wee wee will not make you go blind. Now you go have some fun relieving your stress.:)
Originally posted by 85 TRRRR
so so sooooooooooo true. FWD cars have the hardest time hooking up their tires. they look hilarious when the launch off the tree; their front end starts hopping like a bad habbit.

Ummmm, if you are talking about the 240sx then they aren't FWD.
I know that S13 S14 and S15 Silvias are RWD. I was refering to just FWD cars.
Hey 87, I think blackbuick84 is going to put one of those wheelie bars threw your head. let me give you a few words of avice:
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