how to check for a hot wire kit on my fuel pump


Jun 6, 2003
I "think" I have a hot wire kit.

1) How do I check for it becuase it doesn't have the usual look of a normal hot wire kit, like it was home made or something.

2) Where do I check voltage, and can you do this with key on, engine off, pump disconnected?
I have that wire. It is not the typical "hot wire" setup i have seen, and is not routed the way I would expect it routed.

Where/how can I verify this wire actually makes to the pump lead wire?
You can also look under the rear bumper for a harness and relay that plug in between the tank and body harnesses.
I just have a plug that has an orange plastic end, with 1 wire cut and tapped in comming from somewhere else.

How do I check it is getting the 13.5 volts or what ever the hot wire is supposed to do?
Problem is you need to have the car running to check for voltage... But that would be your positive wire. You can use a voltmeter and just ground it to the bumper support and the positive from the meter to that wire.

How big is that wire thats added? Should be larger then the rest.
This should work:

Run a test light or piece of wire straight from the hot terminal on your battery to the wire in question. If you hear the fuel pump come on, that is your wire. Do this with the car off by the way.