How to coolant line under turbo


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May 25, 2001
I am sure its been discussed but I haven't seen this question yet. How to get the coolant hose hooked to the water pump outlet, under the turbo? I have not had the heater plumbed in many years. Don't do winter driving with the car. I am considering selling the GN and probably need to get the hoses hooked up.
The turbo isn't huge, 6465, I believe, with stock type headers. The nipple on the water pump outlet is to close the the turbo to get the heater hose hooked in.
What have others done?
This is what I have done. Loosen the cold side of the turbo just enough to allow it to rotate clockwise until you can get the hose on the water pump nipple. Then rotate it back around while checking for pinching. My hose has been touching the turbo for 15 years and has a squished spot on it with no signs of being pinched hard to cause a leak. Guess it's about time to replace mine.