how to fix turbo oil leak?


The New Kid
Dec 21, 2001
I am buying an 83 T-Type with an 85 GN engine in it. only problem is that it is leaking oil from the turbo, and hence easy is it to fix the oil leak? Oil leak is supposedly due to improper seating when the turbo was installed.... I ask this since I am NEW to this and never worked on GN or turbo before. The car is in NJ and I would have to drive it back to Michigan, so I would apreciate it if someone in the NJ area might also be able to help me out in fixing the problem! :) I have had lots of experience with 3.8L 97+ supercharged Grand Prix GTP's, but none with buicks..... Thanx in advance
There's 4 places I can think of that a turbo would leak oil:
1) at the oil inlet
2) at the oil outlet
3) the intake side oil seal
4) the exhaust side oil seal

Leaking at the inlet and/or the outlet would make for a mess, and some smoke under the hood;

Leaking from the intake side seal will cause lots of blue smoke from the tailpipes from being burned during combustion;

Leaking from the exhaust side seal will cause lots of white smoke from the tailpipes from oil leaking INTO the hot pipes...

However, assuming you mean the engine is overheating, none of the above should cause the engine to overheat!

Fixing the seals basically involves rebuilding the center section. This can be done yourself, but it's better to let a shop do this! Otherwise, a new/rebuilt center section, or complete turbo is in order!
Where in NJ is the car located?....I might be willing to lend a helping hand.

and....also...where is the oil leaking from?..I know you said "The Turbo" but is it External, or internal?
I know there are the 82 GN's and then from 84 on up, but I hope someone didn't put black paint and badges on an 83 Regal and charge you for a "real GN"... or is it a typo?
did it overheat or lockup from low oil level? oil leak wont overheat a car unless the level drops causing the pump to suck air...and if that happens u would spin a bearing or throw a rod....hth

the car has a slight leak from the oil return out of the turbo in to the what does this entail? thanx for the help/info
sounds to me like the Oil Drain Tube Gasket is leaking.....

The turbo needs to be removed, and then the gasket needs to be do that you need to remove the Oil Drain line with a 13 MM wrench..clean the surfaces, and then put the new gasket on..

If you have done it before it can be done in about an Hour or so...

I have taken my Turbo on, and off my car tons of times...And if the car is somewhat close to me I would be willing to help you out for a Tiny fee!

Just let me know!
Thanx for the help Herb! :D
I will gladly pay a fee...or treat you to a lunch or a case of beer or whatever....
Also, if the car is close to you, would you might it terribly if I asked you to see if, drive it and see if it is in running condition? I will pay fees for that too! hehe Thanx and will keep you posted...
Where in NJ is it located?

I would be willing to take it for a little ride...all depends how far it is from me.