How to fix wipers hopping across windshield?

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Fred 86 GN

In light rain yesterday my car's windshield wipers would hop across if there was not a lot of water on the windshield. How can I fix this annoyance? The wiper blades are new.

Just twist the arm a little bit wither way. So that it lets the blade hit the windshield at a different angle. That usually works.
Wipers are UGLY!

I agree Geno,

I got sick of cleaning around my wipers and awiper motor underhood. So I unbolted all that crap and threw it away. RainX will get me through any jams should I get stuck in the rain. I use it on my daily driver and I never touch the wipers until the rainX is about worn out.
Replace the blades. Reason they chatter is they've hardened to how they rest on the windshiels. The angle is backwards for the up swipe which causes chatter. New soft blades wont do this.

Of course you can spray the winshield down with penetrating oil and it'll quiet them down too :)

Based on TurboJim's post, I took the wipers off my daily driver and re-installed them the opposite way so that the "angle" goes the other direction. They track smooth as a baby's butt.

Now I can add that to the maintenance schedule- oil, lube, filter, & rotate wipers every 3 months :D

Mike [:-)