How to I get the front and rear window trim to clip in place?


Money pit
Jun 7, 2001
I put in new clips (from gbodyparts) and was unable to get my trim to clip in place. A couple snapped in, but that's it. Most of them just would not hold. What am I doing wrong?
Clips are the OEM plastic ones, brand new from gbodyparts. I'm thinking that maybe my issue is the trim and not the clips.
try calling around to some windshield replacement companies in your area, or some that do tinting...I got a whole box of metal ones for under 20 bucks
Check the clips again. You may have the wrong ones. Look at the original clips and compare.
Original clips are long gone unfortunately. I bought the new ones off of gbodyparts and assumed they were correct. I think something is up with them. My glass guy made a comment that he hates the plastic ones and typically uses the metal ones on the G bodies. I will just get the metal clips from him and give those a shot.
I used the plastic ones on my last car, they worked fine. I just got new ones for this today. Be sure they are for '79 and newer. What do the ones you have measure?
The window trim clips sold by were wrong for my application too. They stated the clips fit a 1978 Malibu. The clips are too short. I will try a window replacement shop.
Yeah, the clips were wrong for sure. When this happened, I dug through a box full of misc clips and found the correct ones. They were plastic and looked similar, but were a hair taller and the center tab was a little offset. Too bad I believed gbodyparts at the time and destroyed some of my trim to get it in with the wrong trim. :mad:
Napa has correct clips. I'll post the correct part number when I get to work tomorrow
I got mine at arnolds motor supply. They stock a lot of that stuff. Unfortunately they are local based. Fastenal may be able to get them. Got enough to do front and back windows for 15 bucks. If installed ccorrectly they should snap right in. Be careful though so you don't scuff the paint like I did getting in a hurry