How to Replace The Rear Oil Seal


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Have a question re: replacing rear seal. With the engine in the car, I was told that this could be done by dropping the oil pan. My question is can the pan be removed without lifting the engine? I was also told that you remove the rear main cap and the seal is in 2 pcs. My second question is that when removing and replacing the portion that is located in the block do you merely push the old seal out and does the new one push in w/o much technique. Lastly, where can I locate a good cork oil pan gasket?
im not sure to be honest. i havent done mine yet. but on my mustang, you used to be able to get a ruber one with metal in it to hold it in place and make it stronger and reusable. I would use that kind if i could find it. Someone else might have some tips on doing the pan as i havent yet.
seal n gasket

:cool: Use a neoprene rear main seal - Jack Cotton or Kirban sells them. Use the felpro perma dry for the oil pan - nice piece. If you need valve cover gaskets USE felpro perma dry. They WORK and are reuseable. :smile: felpro available at most parts stores - Advance Auto for sure. :wink: