How to Set Cam Sensor/First Start


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Setting your Cam Sensor/First Start

To begin,you must first locate the 0 degree's or notch on your stock Harmonic Balancer

Once you have done this,it will be necessary to place another mark on A.T.D.C. side of your damper. If you are standing in the front of the cam,facing the engine,the notch will be placed on the counter clockwise side of the factory 0 degree notch. When using a degree wheel,make a new notch at 29 degree's to the left,or counter clockwise side of the stock notch. If a degree wheel is not available,you may measure 1.54" from the notch,which will give you approximately 25 degree;s A.T.D.C. When marking the damper, a hacksaw is best an can't be erased. also a little white paint don't hurt.

The Next Step will be to disconnect the harness to the coil module, This is done to insure that you will not end up with black finger or worse ,No Finger! Next remove the number 1 sparkplug,this is the front plug on the drivers side. Have someone tap over the engine in very short increments while your one finger is in the number 1 spark plug hole,you will feel the compression blow your finger out. Immediately stop and locate the white mark/hack saw mark you placed on the damper,and set it on the zero -0- indicated on the plastic tab mounted on the timing cover. The Engine is now at 25 or 29 A.T.D.C. your choice

From this point on,It Is Imperative that you Do Not move/turn over the engine. There's other way to find top dead center.but a motor "in-car" this the quickest. Locate the cam sensor at the top of the timing cover. Remove the black cap,if the unit is to be installed,install the unit with the window notch facing the left front headlamp. Make sure it is seated all the way down into the oil pump drive.

At this point,you will need a digital volt meter. Hook up the meter to center wire at the terminal connection plugs,plugs connected. Turn the cap upside down,and view the hall effect pickup,Install the cap with the pickup to the clockwise or right of the window or notch, With the cap installed,ignition key on,reconnect module meter. You should read approximately 8-10 volts. Slowly turn the cap counter clock wise. You will see the meter drop to around 0-1 volts. As soon as this happens, Stop and tighten the sensor,lock down and hook up all previously disconnected plugs,coil module,sparkplug wire an sparkplug, And That's It, All Done, Couple times an you'll be an Expert, Please read this thoroughly 4-5 time's before attempting. It'll go a lot smoother under the hood. Last is thing to be done would be high performance tune for what ever combination you've built through translator,chips,or laptop.

You could spend 30 bucks and get the tool or cap with tool built in from Caspers as well. It comes with a decal to mark your balancer at the appropriate spot
And if this is truly a " first start " when you have the cam sensor out, that's a perfect time to prime the oiling system.....much easier to do it now