How to start your weekend!

Texas gn

Well it went down like this…I was headed home from work in the GN waiting at a stop sign to accesses the 2 lane country road coming out of San Antonio. As I was sitting there waiting on my chance to go I see a very nice looking 03 ish convertible GT that had a lot of aftermarket goodies on it. As it got closer I could see that it was lowered, after market hood and huge tires on the back. The guy driving gave me the thumbs up when he went by…I thought “that was a first” So two more car went by and I jumped in behind them.

I know this road very well because I drive it every day and I also know the chance of these two “in the way cars” turning off was slim. Right after I thought that they both turned off…I could not believe it! Anyways I bumped her up a little and as I came up behind the GT I noticed it was a Saleen GT. Then he nailed it, wow it sounded awesome!....I was thinking I might be biting off more than the old girl wants to mess with today because this guy had a lot of money in this GT, but it was way too late for that! I knew that a mile down the road we were coming up on a passing lane about a half a mile long, this is where it was going to go down.

We played a little cat and mouse for the next mile, then as the road opened up I eased up beside him. GT: (Love the Buick) Me: ( that is one good looking stang) GT: (Are ya ready?) Me: (Damn right I am) We were rolling 50mph which worried me a bit.. He nailed and quickly pulled a fender on me but now my turbo was spooling all 20 psi and I walked around him easily and continued to put a full car length on him before I was out of room. He continued to follow me wanting to play some more cat and mouse but on the rest of this road it is not wise.

So when we came up to a yield sign I pulled over on the shoulder and kinda expected him to just blow me off but I was surprise to see him stop. GT: (Wow.. How much boost are ya running…) Me: (20psi) GT: (I am running 7psi on the supercharger, I guess I should of know better than to mess with the original monster) About that time a car was coming down the road and he had to go. I was in a good mood the rest of the day!