how to tell what version the translator plus is?


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Feb 21, 2010
im lookin at a translator plus and ls1 maf setup.i did searches and gather that the software version only means the different kinds of maf's to plug into can you tell what version it is without plugging it in?and does it even matter if im using the 3.5"ls1 maf and tt wideband chip?thanks
On my Translator Plus the version is printed on the Translator box at the bottom right hand side. I have the ZO6 maf and Extender Extreme chip for my rig and only had to move a dial or two and flip the dip switches inside the unit box to make it all work. I originally had the LS1 maf on the same Translator Plus when I purchased it and had the dials and switches set to make it all work. My old LS1 maf went bad so I replaced it with the ZO6 along with the inlet pipe to the turbo as i think it was bigger.

As for the chip I am not sure so perhaps others will chime in. My Translator is narrowband only though I do use a wideband for Powerlogger data, etc.. for tuning.