Huge Garage Sale Cleanout... Many Great Parts!

Full Throttle Steve

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Aug 3, 2012
The following parts are available for sale. For more details information or pictures contact me directly.

3.5" LS1 MAF Sensor w/ 4" Billet Ends: $125.00
Red Armstrong Double Pumper: $375.00 SOLD
Adjustable Accufab Buick Regulator: $70.00 SOLD
Plastic Vacuum Block for ThrottleBody: $20.00
GEN2 MAF Translator w/ Plug and Play Harness and FTSS Chip (EYU34X0E) $300.00
Vigilante Multi-Disc OPump Converter: $550.00 ****
Stock Wastegate Actuators (2): $30.00
Stock Console Plate for Shifter: $30.00 SOLD
Belt Tensioner: $60.00 SOLD
Engine Accessory Bracket: $45.00 SOLD
Front Frame Braces: $20.00
Trunk Brace Kit: $20.00 SOLD
Driver Side Stock Intercooler Bracket: $25.00 SOLD
Metal Passenger Side Relay Bracket (MAP and ETS) $30
Drive Shaft Loop: $30 SOLD
Stock Rocker Arms: $20.00

These are available for pickup or shipment, cash or PayPal is accepted. Prices do not include shipping. I will update items as they are sold.


Steve @ Full Throttle
The 3.5 sensor with billet ends is an awesome piece but it WILL lean the car out quite bit so some type of tuning is mandatory
The converter is VERY low mile never even a WOT blast on it
The chip that comes with the GEN2 is for 83LB injectors
I don't remember who made these loops but we sold many of them years ago maybe trey crease
It moves lots of air I had the billet ends made years ago there is maybe 20 sets ever made they were expensive like 180 without the sensor
Tell me a little about the converter. What size/stall speed/tight?/ PM me info and best price. Thanks!