Dennis Kirban

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Mar 5, 2009
Few quick words we were shut down all of last week due to the hurricane. Some of our customers may not realize we are located only about a two hour drive from the New Jersey shore. We were without electric at our shop most of the week and at our home we were without electric for 8 days. This not only affected outgoing orders but even as I write this some of our incoming orders for parts have stil not been delivered by UPS.

If you are a pet lover be sure to go to our website on the home page click on the 11-7 Inner Circle.

Here goes: Its best to email me direct refer to the number/letter code to the item(s) you are interested in. Prices shows in the TOTAL price you pay which includes UPS to the basic 48 states. Descriptions are accurate as I do not deal with photos. These are under my other business so paypal is the preferred method of payment. I wil advise you if item(s) you want are available within 24 hours.

11-A I have 3 tested original 1985-1987 powermaster brake bowls. These are nice in appearance. Great to have as a spare. Very very hard to find good ones today! Price is $115.00 each.

11-B I have brand new in the original GM boxes a pair of the black 1984-1987 Turbo Regal headlite bezels. Actually cheaper than the reproductions. Those of you that like the feel of original bezels and original GM boxes this set is just what you need. The price is $165 for the pair.

11-C For the 1984-1987 Turbo regal actually all Regals I have several mint original correct rearview mirrors. These are mint no fogging no black haze nothing wrong with them. Cheap at $20 each.

11-D For any year 1984-1987 Turbo Regal the desireable flip down stay down license plate bracket and a good used 100% correct 1984-1987 Made in England radiator cap both items for just $40.00. The stay down flip down license bracket prevents fuel spillage. Each one comes with new pair of the plastic pop in screw holders. I can do several of these.

11-E For the 1984-1987 Turbo Regal with analog dash I have a recalibrated 145 speedo ready to go shows 99,000 miles on it. Just $115 to own it. (Our decal has been installed and I had it calibrated).

11-F A complete 3 volume set of the 44W books from GM covers all the 1984-1987 Regals condition is like new over 6 inches thick between the 3 volumes. One volume is all the illustrations other 2 is all the descriptions. A must have for a serious car owner.

11-G For any year 1984-1987 Turbo Regal the highly desireable hollow larger front GM sawy bar with new bushings included that secure it with your orignal brakcets to the frme. Bar has been repsrayed virtually show condition. Being hollow its lighter than your stock front sway bar also it is the largest that will fit attaching the same as your bar. Comes out of the late model Firebirds WS6 cars I believe. Same bar I have on my personal car. Price is $125 each and I got 3 of them.

11-H Nice upgrade that GM never offed in our cars the lited rear view mirror tested and in mint condition works on all 1978-1987 Regals just splice the leads into a ground and a power source and you wil have twin map reading lamps off the rearview mirror. The price is just $28 each. I got several.

11-J Original GM sun visors. I have several good used sets each set has the swival bracket included for a hardtop in good condition not rusted. Visors are like mint but they are used. I can't gurantee color will dead on match your color of your headliner but should be close. Here are the colros I have:

I have one pair of grey, two pairs of blue, 2 pairs of the burgundy. The price is $32 each SPECIFY color when you email me. Can't beat the price. None of these have the mirror option on the passenger visor. Only buy if yours are bad. None of these have any rips or are bloated a common problem.

11-K For any year Regal floor shift or column shift I have a brand new in the box with 2 keys the metal collar lock that you can secure your column with to prevent theft. We used to sell these years ago no longer available. The price is $85.

11-L For the concert sound system I have a set of used door speakers. The price is just $45 for the pair. They are original and in good condition.

11-M For any year 1984-1987 Turbo Regal I have a pair of good used rear deck speakers 10 ohm they are the 4 by 10 original correct ones so your factory plug will plug into it and your spring loaded cage will hold them in place. The price is $38 for the pair.

That is it for this offering. We did lose some trees and shingles off our home during the storm. Remember its best to email me direct Use number/letter code on item(s) you want. Price shown is total price you pay and paypal is the preferred method of payment. We will answer all emails within 24 hours.