Still plays with cars!
just got this home,
1977 Buick Skyhawk, 3.8 GN engine and trans,
and way to much $$ in to the susp & cross members, etc.
tubular A arms, S10 brakes ,custom front cross member, trans cross member,
frame connectors, drive shaft loop.
flaming river rack and pinion,
GT3255 turbo, I thought it felt pretty quick, then noticed it was maxed at 13 psi,
I'd guess 2800-2900 lbs, pretty dirty, as its been on the truck for a week,
Thanks Ralph! hope to see you at Bates.
got it cleaned up some. but always more to do.


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Did it come from the Chicago area? V8Killer was looking at a white one from that area but he didn't want to ship it to NH.
yes it did come from chicago,
Carl was owner/builder, very nice guy!,
, can't remember who did all the chassis work, but it is intense.
not sure, but guessing 2800-2900.

Wow, I got on my computer (instead of my phone) and clicked on the feed and this car is cleaner, nicer and has a whole lot more going on (than what I had first imagined)! And I apologize up front to the 1,001 and questions. It is just that this car appears to be quite the feat of engineering!!

What kind of intercooler does it have? And how is it plumbed? And do you have any photos of the air filter set up (on the out side of the fender)? WOW!! Again really nice car man! And there is a whole bunch of stuff going on there, very nice!! Congrats!!
rear end is S10 , 7.5, with auburn posi, and superior axles. I feel its the weak link, (for now)
I'll get some pics of the air inlet set up,
suspension pieces are from overkill susp,
frame work was done by muscle car factory, in IN,
not sure of what brand intercooler, but is front mount,
there is so much done to this car, I cannot begin to list it all,
it is/was a 15 yr project by the previous owner,
I'm just the lucky one to snag it ! plans fr now are to enjoy it,
and do very little to it.


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