Hydroboost mounting upside down

May 1, 2002
If im going with the hydroboost unit from an astro van why couldnt I mount it up side down like other hydroboost units I see. It appears to be the same.
I see no problem with mounting upside down. I was at a local hydraulic shop who rebuilt my steering box and pump recently and I was told that the return port on the booster was higher than my reservoir which may be causing some of the pump whine and wheel feedback. So I will be flipping the hydroboost soon and will post some pics! BTW, I had a reman Napa pump ($76) on the car and it was the loudest whining POS I have ever seen, worse than any typical ford pump whine. I had the local shop rebuild my original pump and it is remarkably better and quieter ($45). Next mission is flip the hydroboost (going to look much cleaner with all lines underneath) and buy a better reservoir with seperate -6AN returns.
I don't know the russell fittings but these worked for me

AN6 TO 16MM X 1.5 I.F. MALE o-ring
Speedway Motors part# 617-4806

AN6 TO 18MM X 1.5 I.F. MALE o-ring
Speedway Motors part# 617-4808
Im wanting to do this but I have a T-Buick hydro boostso I have to have a spacer made so that when screwed in to the base plate it will angle down instead of up. hope to get it done soon.
Worked on this some last week was surprised to find out how many 4x4 guys run theirs upside down for clearance. So all I had to do was brake the nut on the back loose grind the alignment tab off the original mounting plate. Turn the plate 180 deg and now it’s upside down. Took a whole 5 min to do. but I did have it off the car already.