I aquired a 109 short block. can it be saved?

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i got my hands on a 109 block with the turbo crank and pistons. there is some pitting in the cylinder walls, hopfully it can be saved.

pictures of it can be seen here:

109 block album

the captions under the pictures tell my questions and my worries. any one who can offer some sort of insight is apperciated.

and something that i didnt realize is, i knew these motors were small, but i didnt know they were this small, they look a lot bigger with everything still on top of it. it can almost fit in my pocket! heh, now i have even more respect for my little motor.

think it can be saved?
The keyway is beveled on the other side, just tap it until it's straight. The carbon build up is alright, you can easily clean off the carbon. As for number 5 and the rest of the cylinders. Are you planning a rebuild,boring will clean that up, if the motor spins that freely, and no ridge, you might get away with honing. Depends what you want to do with this engine.
Unfortunatley the webshots page did not load right, I saw the pics but not close up, I just wanted to let you know that I have been warned about boring these motors to much from several different places. The jist of what I got was if you have to bore it don't go over .30 or you can end up with cooling problems. I don't know buicks' specs but I talked to a guy who said he could bore it .60 over and I know thats wrong.
thanks guys for the info... anyone else have an opinion to offer? and does any one know the size of the bore, so i can get the correct honing thing-a-ma-gigy