I Have 3 Problems, Not . Please Help...


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Aug 24, 2007
I'm having problems with my 87 GN when I step on the throttle.

The car starts to sputter/cut out when I begin to step on the throttle from a stop position. Like I said, it will give out for a couple of seconds, and then it will start to take off.

The sputter will not occur again unless I am at WOT and the boost gauge starts to hit about 11 psi. or higher. It will do the same sputtering once or twice and then stop.

At WOT I also hear a popping/backfiring sound, which occurs when boost is at 11 psi or higher.

At the same time of the sputtering and the boost hitting 11 or higher, the turbo sounds like it has something rattling inside, seems something is loose inside the turbo, but it only happens when boost hits 11 psi or higher.
Do a tap test on your MAF. Also check to see if the screens are in it

A signature would be helpful to see your cars build.

The rattling is probably detonation and is killing your motor.So dont keep go WOT throttle.
if u hear rattle you lift!!!!

Whats the history behind the car?

U just get it, does it stal out when cold, have tip in stumble, what are the TPS settings?