I have a few of these superchargers I rebuilt


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Dec 2, 2009
Im just wondering what all I can use them on? I dont think a v8 can do anything with one of these, but I want to make sure.

What all GM motors can I use these on and other manufacturers can they be used with?
assuming you have some eaton M90's from series 2 3800's ??

of course they can be used on series 2 3800's as replacements for ones in need of a rebuild , they can also be used as part of a top swap on normally aspirated 3800's along with everything else from the heads up

or with fabricating they can be used on anything you can imagine ,seen them used on 4cyl cars mounted over a valve cover , 2 of them would be pretty cool on a v8.....or a 3800 v6....