i have concert sounds door panels but...



i have concernt sounds door panels but my car didnt come with concert sound....can i fit the speakers in there anyhow or do i need to cut something up...what size fits in there anyhow..thanks for the help..
You will have to trim doors a little if you are going to use the factory cups and 5 1/4 door speakers. You can go with some door pods and fit 6 1/2s with tweeters or for less work, I would recomend aftermarket or custom kick panel pods with 6 1/2s with tweets. The factory door carpeted grills muffle the sound a little and can be improved upon with grill cloth in place of the carpet.
mcss383 has some in his Monte and he can tell you where to get them. I build the pods but would be more cost effective to buy the aftermarket ones.