I have made a decision on resignations from the site.

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Since I have been accused of keeping members who do not want to be here anymore just to keep the numbers up, Those who wish to leave are now welcome to. If you would really like to be removed, I will remove you but I also want it in writing for me to post that you REQUESTED it*. I would like your name*, screen name* and email address* so it all matches the database and I KNOW who you are. I also will never allow you back. One way door. You will not humiliate me now and want back in later when, well, you will. I also am going to start a resignation section and post your resignation and why. That way I am in no way hiding or covering up YOUR decision. No one will be allowed to postreply to it so no wars will be taking place, but I may edit it if you get "out of line" and we all know what I mean by that. (In fact I would email you first to clear up so you are ok with what is posted)
Send your requests to me, with ALL OF THE ASKED FOR INFO (all marked with asterisk) no less will be accepted, if you feel that member numbers mean anything, at least as far as status. As far as traffic, yes that does mean more I guess but that is what it was formed for in the first place. Information. More traffic, more information, more gained from site. I don't need to protect any numbers. I could care less if I had 100 or 10,000 members. I just want what is best for all in the long run. That is what I support. Simple as that. I want your voice to be heard, plus, I don't want you as a member, if you so not desire to be one. Just remember, one way door......

the2004rperfcntr@aol.com is where they should be directed to.

TB.com admin
Just so it is public..The list begins..I banned my first member today

PDQ4av6 has succeeded in being the first member to be banned by me since taken ownership of the site.
Name: PDQ4av6
Email: ginnj8324@netscape.net

He put up a thread to do nothing but incite a pile on slamfest with malicious intent and did it for no other reason but to piss me off.
Well, guess what? He succeeded.
Gone, goodbye.


TB.com admin

Something tells me this list is about to grow.
For the record:
Only the Super Mods can post here. It is a read only section. Next..............:rolleyes:
ok Pat83t wants out

In his own words directly to me.

I hereby formely resign as a member of turbobuick.com due to the fact that I do not care for the politics of the owner/moderators or the fact that it is merely used as a marketing tool for promotion of vendors upto and including the owners business.

Name: Pat

Screen Name: pat83t

E-mail Address: fastnwicked@hotmail.com

Gone. good bye

TTa89 Wants out

Since I cannot respond to the thread above I am posting it here.

Turbobuick.com has been my "home" since 1998 and I have come to know alot of people on here as friends. But due to changes over the last year this place has changed for the worse and I wish to leave. :(

WE4 is helping to break apart the Turbobuick community and I do not want to be involved in anything associated with him, his website, or any parts that he sells.

Not only do you lose a long time member of TB.com but you lose a paying customer for transmission parts. :o
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