I Just Bought A Grand National!!!??


Nov 23, 2003
Can anyone tell me if the vin# has a letter or number to verify that it is a true Grand National? I'm DUMB AS DIRT on these cars but I love em.
Look under the trunklid.There should be a RPO sticker that has all of your option codes.If it has option WE2 it is a Grand National. ;)
Nothing in the VIN to denote "Grand National"
VIN should have a VIN engine code of 7 to denote turbo motor
Welcome to the club, God save your wallet

Go here to get a crash course in TRs


read it ALL
The engine code is the 8th digit of the VIN and, as mentioned before, should be a 7 for an '86-'87 intercooled turbo car or a 9 for '84-'85 turbo (non-intercooled). Unfortunatly, there is nothing in the VIN that seperates a GN from the other variations. Only the trunk sticker will tell you if it's a GN (WE2 code as mentioned before) but check that the VIN on the sticker matches the vin of your car. If not, the trunk lid is from another car.

Does anyone know if our cars have build sheets hidden in the car somewhere?
I found one under the rear seat springs on one of my cars
and I have found 2 underneath the driver side door panels
on my other cars.
Thank's for the info guy's, Unfortunately my GN has been wrecked before to the point of the trunk lid had to be replaced, All the vin numbers match on the car (windows have vins, doors have vins, hood has vin.) There is no sticker on the trunk though. Did GN's come with vins all over it? Mine has them every where! Except trunk.