I need a harness


I just picked up 2 84/85 engines and need a harness so one can go in my elcamino. I'am not doing the swap for a while but was just wondering if anyone had a good harness laying around, or where I could find one.

Thanks Dave
caspers would probley be the way to go. they can make you something custom if need be.
I agree. Boosted 231 these engines I got where the ones that where posted in the parts for sale in michigan. I think you asked where he lived. I ended up getting both of them and a set of GN1 heads for $600. One engine came with a harness and PCM but it's hacked up. I'am going to let one of the guys in the wiring lap at work see if they can fix it, but if I can find a cheap harness I will go that route.

I'm working on converting an 85 T to the 86/87 engine/harness. I'll check it out to make sure it's not hacked up. If it's in good shape I get back with you.