I Need Help Bad!! on my 85 she won't start please read


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Hello all,

OK Here is the situation, I have a stock 85 GN 67,000 miles. Was running great this past September before I left for honeymoon I come back won't start for anything.

1) I Checked for spark at the plug wires ---- PLenty of spark

2) I Pulled the fuel pressure regulator off and was doused with gasoline. It is getting fuel fine

3) I Replaced battery checked every electrical connection under the hood fixed a few frayed wires and double cheked the rest.

I am piss poor right now unemployed for last 6 months I need to get car running so I can sell her (Breaking my heart).

I do not have any sort of scanner to test computer the only people I know that has them charges a fortune . I heard a lot of talk about crank sensors going bad Is this a possibility??

I can tear a v8 apart and put it back together blindfolded only using my toes. But I am somewhat lost on the 85 engine I tore the engine apart this past July cause timing gear went redid heads and cleaned it all up she was running great!!!

Any advice ? Help?? or comments will be greatly appreciated


If you're getting good spark like you say, it can't be the crank or cam sensors (and probably not the ECM).
I'd be more inclined to think you have something like a blown injector fuse (but I also think that's the same fuse for the fuel pump {normally}).
Does the Check Engine Line glow orange when you turn on the key?
Check engine light glows orange when I turn key on I can hear the fuelpump building pressure. I did check every fuse under the dash all is good. Is there another place for fuses under the hood??

Thansk for the Help
Hey Bill ,
Coming from the positive battery terminal, there is a red wire about 12 gauge that goes to the ecm. There is a connector that connects it to the harness about 8 inches from the battery. After that connection there is a fuseable link. Check for 12volts after the fusible link. Had a similiar problem on an 85 ttype and that was the problem. Hope this helps. The problem sounds like a connection somewhere is bad. Mario
Thanks for the tip I will check that out. My harness is a mess in that area there is 6 or 7 wires the previous owner had spliced and grounded to the manifold all of them coming out just under the alternator. I did fix a couple of connections the one you speak of I just repaired the end that attatched it back to the battery.
Thanks agin I will Give it a shot and post my results.

this may be a long shot but I had the same problem last year. sometimes it would eventually start only to run for a couple of seconds. Turns out it was the water temp sensor, changed it and it has been fine ever since.

There might be something to that for all I know the last thing I did today before calling it quits was notice the the water temp sensor on the frontof the manifold was off I located what I think was the wire it was corroded to all heck put it on (Nothing) but I didn't scrub it clean like ti needs maybe I will do that tomorrow.

the temp sensor that I had problems with was the one next to the thermostat housing, the one on the front of the manifold (pointing towards rad) is only for the idiot light. I hope it is something as simple as that, I got a temp sensor from GM it was not expensive at all. good luck and let us know how it goes.