I need some opinions on a street turbo


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May 25, 2001
Hey guys i'm going to be upgrading to a Ta-61 here pretty soon and i just want to get a few opinions on the spool up characteristics on the street. I have a 9.5 PI '' o '' pump converter ready to go along with a big neck stock innercooler. Just let me know what you think. Thanks guys. mike
A TA-61 turbo should work great on the street with that convertor. I had a TA-60 on my old car with a 3200 stall L/U and it drove like a stocker. No noticeable lag. I switched from the TA-60 to a TA-52 and picked up .2 tenths and didn't sacrifice any driveability.

Thanks Dave. Hey were pretty close in proximity, if you have any spare time we should get together, crack open a few barley pop's and yap about buicks. I had heard from brian H that your car was bad a@#. The Ta-61 that i'm going to have done up is a Ta-49 in need of a rebuild. Will a ta-49 go to a ta-52? I'm having a set of spare turbo heads ported as we speak and i only want to do this turbo once. Thanks dave . Mike