i still hate these tranny's


Buick Tweaker
May 24, 2001
well got everything lined up to make the track sunday everything's going good till a while ago.

ever since we did the pump stuff in my trans its been acting stupid.

well we got most of it strait except for a real bad part throttle 2nd to 3rd flair...im talking taking off and holding vacuum gauge at 8 inches of vacuum im getting 11-1200 rpm flair.

worst yet driving it earlier and roll into the throttle kinda strong and the rpm jumps up ike normal (spinning) but this time the tires wont spinnig.

i thought i had lost my mind so i put it back in 2nd gear and roll into and again it starts slipping .

well i have had no slipping up to this point other than the tires.

do you think something could be stuck in a valve to make second start slipping all of a sudden or does a band just drop dead like that.

i dont have time for much testing since i am going to te track sunday and if you'll dont think its something simple then as of saturday it will be th 400 trannied till i can aford a good built 200

i just cant win with this pos everytime i think im going to go get some good passes on the car something comes up now im flat azz broke and its still doing stupid stuff.
I understand your grief dude.. I had the same 2-3 flair and swapped 3 valve bodies to find out it wasn't it. I had rolled a seal which cause my brand new blue clutches to burn up in less than 300 miles (no track time). I narrowed the problem by hooking a tranny pressure gauge and watching the pressure rise then fall and rise again from 2nd to 3rd under WOT (NOT GOOD!). I was so F*ckin' pissed I went ahead and bought the Billet assembly from Bruce T and never looked back. So far So good..:D
yea i hear ya im planning on working on the unds to get a unit from bruce in a couple months or so but im tapped out now with doing the motor conversion...:(