I think I scared him..lol


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May 24, 2001
Okay, so Im coming back from wally world (aka walmart) about 10pm and getting on the highway extension. ABout 1/2 way up this new civic si buzzes by me with flashy covers and a fart can tip. He catches the red, and I ease up in the right lane next to him. He looks over, and starts inching forward, forward, again, then I mirror him. He revs it once, the light changes and I built about 1 pound and left pretty good. Next thing I know he just let right off. I thought, uh oh, cop.. looked around.. none in sight. I slowed down and he wouldnt come up on me at all. I think I must have scared the kid (lol, kid.. heck im only 23)
All these kids here (two colleges in town) think they are the hot stuff with the new rice their parents buy them for graduation presents. Then they wake up..:D

The only other encounter recently was pretty cool.
I pulled up on some new Dakota V8 at the light on the extension. I wasnt even gunning for a race. I look over and the drivers buddy starts pointing at my car, then the light turns and the guy takes off spinning and floors it. I said, ok u want a race.. I floored it and came up and passed him like he was in reverse. We ended up at the next light and the two of them were laughing and giving me thumbs up. They honked their horn, and I gave them a thumbs up in return. At least it was american. Some of us around here have good taste at least. Nice truck too. Sounded good. Those dakotas are pretty nice with the V8 with some mods. My neighbor had one a while ago. It felt pretty good for a truck.
I hope to get a few more good ones in before winter forces temporary retirement for her.
Good kill

I saw a guy at a car show that had one of those Dakota V8 trucks and his had some kind of supercharger on it and it sounded pretty mean and I asked him what it ran and he told me it ran 12.50s @110mph on DRs... I was pretty impressed with those times cause u could surprise some mustangs and camaros with that truck running those times:D I like sneeking up on people with my black granny buick, but these cars seem to have a reputation for being badass cars to run into on the street, so I guess I'll have to live with the polite "no thank you, I don't race those big buicks that hiss":D