I want tonights Monster House

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May 28, 2001
Did you guys see that? They did an English Pub style. Gotta be my favorite so far. NICE pool table, brick floors, bar, fog..that was cool.
I want to be the host of monster house..;) What a lucky guy.. :cool:

great show..
I've not seen one monstor house episode that I think I wouldn't like them to do to my house. However, my wife might disagree :D I thought the camper thing was cool for those people who enjoyed camping. I'd love to have monster house design my garage!!!! :D
They do some good work. Can't say they would all be so good when it came time to sell the house, but some good stuff if you didn't have to worry about it. You'd never keep people out of your house. They seem to have a good budget, they don't get cheap, which is how it should be since it's someone's house. The host is cool, he stays concerned about the homeowners.
Originally posted by bishir
I'd love to have monster house design my garage!!!! :D

Yea, me too!!!:D

I think my wife would even approve of that. The only problem with starting another show is the name is already taken.:( :(