I was a flunky at Bruce's shop...


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May 23, 2001
I just got back from California, where I spent a couple of days at NCPSTB, err, NCPTBT, err, Permissions Transformance...anyway, Bruce's shop.

I came away very impressed with the work he does on the 200-4Rs. There isn't a part that goes untouched; it seems like everything meets the lathe or the drill for some detail work and many modifications that all made sense and should help these transmissions live. I learned more about the 200-4R than I ever thought I would, even though I'm still a relative transmission idiot. :)

I've had a couple of local guys charge me $400 to rebuild a trans that they slapped together in 20 minutes with air ratchets; Bruce spent an amazing amount of time making every last part perfect, down to polishing the pump vanes by wet sanding them on a piece of glass. He's earning his money and then some.

I got to experience the Bat Brake for the first time; it worked beautifully but I wish the test car had slicks...all we accomplished was a 1/8 mile set of stripes with the street tires. Fun though. :)
Kendalls visit.

Yes he was........ I had to KEEP telling him that the damned transmission goes BEHIND the engine, NOT in the front!!!!
Then he kept wanting to fill the trans by pouring ATF in the windsheild washer bottle. "Don't they connect down there somewhere ?" he asked.
" No, Kendall , they don't" ..................LOLOLOL

As far as the "Cheap Bastard" thing, next time, invest 20 bucks in UPS shipping charges as the suitcase and airport security have seen it all now. Poor suitcase.........:) LOLOLOLOOL

Had a great time and Kendall is a super guy. He had Kenny (one of the test cars) Purring in less than a couple hours. It runs fabulous now.
Thanks:) I owe you one........ And Dad says big THANK YOU too. :)
Mannn...I still say that windshield washer bottle thing works! Should I start in on the topic of gaskets (or lack thereof)? :D
In detail if you would like ... If fact might be a GOOD idea as to show how something soooooo stupid can be overlooked and as simple as it was , can greatly effect the way it ran. Might save somebody else the embarrasment, or time.
Leave it to Dad :)