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if your IAC was 170 and the RPMs were down near idle, then either your IAC was stuck, bad/flaky, or there was a bad connection.

Excellent point about the connector. If I disconnect and check the connection and/or pull the IAC valve for inspection and cleaning. will that require only resetting the IAC or some more complex procedure?
I like mine to read as low as possible while still reading SOMETHING. That way the actual throttle blade does almost all the airflow for idle and the IAC can bring just enough to the plate to compensate for the trans, A/C, PS pump, whatever.

You mean like this?

I chased mine down from 52 today. Guess the car doesn’t like to sit for half a year

Weeks gone by and it's been behaving nicely. Another question. I set my TPS at .42 at idle with engine off. When engine is running it always shows .46 and always shows .42 with engine off. Is this typical?