IC on a Bottle


In the Booster Seat
May 24, 2010
No, not talking about "the gas" (NOS), but methanol injection. Im sure there must be old posts on this but search isnt working too well for me on the iPhone... How much cooling effect do you get with alky vs an intercooler? How much boost have people been able to run on their HA w/alky?
Don't know about alky VS intercooler but I do know one of the guys is running E-85 and alky and ditched his intercooler and it's doing really well.
I have been running over 20lbs boost on 93 octane and methanol. My head gasket just blew due to bad MAF at this boost level(backfire). The reality is an intercooler is not needed at all on a Hot Air with the TA33c turbo. Methanol and E85 eliminates the need. The real reason to convert to the IC setup is the turbo location and intake design. Performance upgrades are plentiful with the IC design. Brad
With my old hotair setup and a TA-33C i went over 22PSI with 93 and alky, it was a ported heads and cam engine, so i think i was getting out of the efficiency of the turbo then though.

This particular build is likely to be a 274ci with modified IC intake (or possibly a ported lower with custom plenum) so not limited to a TA33c. I have a bud with a PT70GTQ (.63) he said I could try; if I could get into the sweet spot with that turbo, it could get interesting. :)