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Jan 25, 2004
Any ideas for a 84 Regal T-type "Hot Air" buildup. The engine has 52K original miles. I have pocket ported the heads and put in slightly bigger valves that I purchased from Kenne Bell. I do want more power, but I do not want to lose my reliability....this car was knocking 25MPG on the highway prior to putting in storage in 1997 for 4 years! I did rebuild the front end with all new parts and polyurethane bushings. I also have a Hotchiss suspension package for the rear. I will also be putting on some Eibach springs for the right attitude. Last but not least, where are all the aftermarket parts for the "Hot-Air" cars?
aftermarket parts

There really is not just one place devoted to our cars.....have to look past all of those parts for the 86/87 guys and then get to our parts.......;)

Fuel system upgrades(bigger pump, hotwired, adj. fuel pressure regulator), adj. wastegate, K&N filter, exhaust, better chip, and a scan tool would be a good start. Sounds like your suspension is going to be tits!! I want some eibach springs for my car, how much lower should your car sit or is it hard to notice because of the year of our cars and the strength of the stock springs?

HTH (a little)

of course, like everyone says, get the t-link or some form of monitoring. Get a better fuel pump-most popular is the walbro 340, get better exhaust for performance, and get all the guages you can think of to see everything happening under that hood.

As for performance, depending on how fast you wanna go is the major issue. I want high 11's and I need a ton. If you want low 13's or high 12's, here are a few things you NEED: TA33 turbo or TA49 with compressor reclocked, 36lb injectors or better, ADJ FP Regulator, 3 inch DP, 3" exhaust or 2 1/2, but the 3 inch is always a better bang for the buck, a minimum 2800 stall converter, 87 computer, maf, mat and harness, ported irons and matched intake, headers from ATR or Postons, a chip burned from somebody you can get in touch with easily. (Jim Testa is real good-Turbojim on, and a posi locking rear. You may also want to consider a cam like the lunati 206, or the more popular but never available speed pro 204/214 split cam. With those mods, you are looking at a 12 sec flat car. Get the right tires, and real good tuning, racegas, and you could hit even 11's with the boost turned up.

These cars are extremely tempormental when it comes to tuning. Tuning is key, and when your car is running near perfect, then hit it with all the mods...Once the mods are done, and you get that car tuned up right, that car will be running times that noone would believe it could for 20 years old and 3800 lbs. Good luck.

P.S.-those mods listed are to get those low times without an intercooler...If you opt for the intercooler, you may drop a few of those items and still hit the 12's. I dont believe the 84/85 cars should have an intercooler for the simple reason that they are not stock looking, and a lot of piping is involved, but if you want an easier way of hitting those marks, and intercooler may be your choice...It is all about preference...How fast, how cheap, and how soon! lol...once again, hope that helps and Good Luck!!

hey guys this might be a little off subject but had no better place to post this id like to know who or where can i get that bottom black spoiler trim that goes under the fron of the car underneath like the stock 86 and 87 GNs do u know what piece im talking about makes the carlook a bit lower in the front its like a piece of plastic that trims the bottom of the car thin but nice lookin ?
I bought Bweavys last one,their discontinued from GM, and its for sale for $100 plus shipping,the same as I paid for it.Bweavy rates it a 9 out of 10.PM me if your interested.

atr left side header and 2.5 mandrel downpipe.this will show increase in power without changing drivablity much at all. andy:rolleyes:
After fuel system mods, an intercooler, turbo, downpipe, chip, gutted cat/exhaust or open dump will have you easily in the 12s.