Identify Red Armstrong fuel pump?


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Hey guys,

Can a Red Armstrong in tank pump be identified easily. My project car is suppose to have one in it. I am thinking of dropping the tank and looking at the pump to make sure it has the good pump in it. Thanks John
If you drop the tank, look at the pump. Red's pump looks like a stock pump, but has grind marks on the body, possibly where a model number would be. There is no pulsator. Just a piece of fuel hose and 2 clamps.
Re: Red's pump?

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How far will a Red Armstrong pump take me? I plan on going high 11's. John

It will take you to the mid 11s with the right injectors, easy.
Walbro makes a 307 or a 340 for our cars..... ;)

Some venders might call them something else, but this is what they really are....

its according to weather you have the old or new one .the old one was an AC style pump as discribed the new one is a walbro .both have serial numbers ground off
Fuel pump has been id'd!!!

Turns out the pump in my tank was a Walbro 340. That should be fine for what I plan on doing. It did have the sock on the bottom of it. Should it be there on this pump? I was wondering if it was just a flow restriction or does it need to be there to keep the trash out of the pump? John
Reds Xp

What kind do you think Reds is ?? Really after accel an walbro an stock an maybe a few others whats left. As far as I can see Walbro 340M is one of the leaders out there. Think thats what Reds is an thats why he grinds the numbers off, I mean really!!!!!! I would like to see some flow comparisons between the two...