Idle air control question


I converted my 84 to 87 set up i run an 87 computer in the stock 84 harness. The question i have is will the 84 iac work in 87 throttle body and will the 87 iac work properly with 84 harness
I take it that you upgraded to the entire 87 setup. The Hot Air IAC is a dfferent part number- get the 87 IAC part number for the 87 throttle body. My 2 cents. Brad
The 84/85 and 86/87 are different dimensionally.
Might work but might not. Just use the correct one for the year
or change the housing also. HTH
didnt get a chance to go look at it but are the 2 interchangeable could i mount the 84 iac housing on the 87 throttle body with no problems