If you know the stock PCM. Please read.


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Apr 24, 2005
Well Guys (and Gals) Ive been easy on if for a while with the new motor and was ready to do some tuning. So we went to the track last night and made the first pass at 15lbs/No Alky and lifted due to detonation. 2nd pass 15lbs/Alky and STILL a little detonation (lifted anyway) after looking at my Direct scan I see the tps is 4.74 but in the BLM grid the indicator (cell that is lit) is not going into the bottom row of parameters? I know these are where I make tuning changes but the PCM is not reading the correct cells. I don't know what engine parameters must be met to get this row of cells. I thought W.O.T. would be it but nope. I am working on getting the files from the laptop I use for the car but it's not working with me very well. Anyhow by only getting into cell (12?)the PCM is adding timing, and not (16?) where my settings lock the timing with my TT chip. Please post questions or sugestions. Thanks Jon Hanson
That's normal. It's working correctly. The last row of cells will never light up. Make sure it's not leaning out, and that the alky is flowing correctly.

Well now I have to get this thing sorted. I will try posting DS info as soon as I can get it off the old laptop. Thanks Eric. Jon