ignition key getting stuck


May 25, 2001
man if it isnt always something with these dam cars! never ever had this problem last year now my dam key gets stuck when i try to take it out. is this a big repair? how much to fix? thanks!
before you go spraying oil in there...try grasping the shift collar on the column (the collar that turns when you move the shifter-just in front of the dash) and turn it a little further in the direction that it goes when you move the shifter from neutral to Park...if the key comes out then, you need to adjust your linkage a bit.
Steve is right, the same thing started to happen to me like three weeks ago. I finally noticed the steering color moved a little when i shifted my tranny back and forth to try to release the key.

Like steve said grasp the color and turn (to counterclockwise i think) to release key while the car is in park.

Is the linkage adjusted from the engine compartment steering colomn, or console?
My 86 was doing the same thing last year and I ended up having to put in a new ignition cylinder. Didn't cost to much and was pretty simple to put in. Just my two cents. Good luck.
No, the only adjustment is on the tranny linkage under the car as I recall. What may happen is the rubber grommets on the rod that goes from the steering column arm to the tranny linkage wear out and the resulting slop in the linkage prevents the rod from moving the column linkage enuf to unlock the key as it goes into Park...

I believe you can adjust the rod length at the lower end for more throw...but it might not hurt to go ahead and pick up some new grommets for the linkage to tighten it up.
thanks to all who replied, went back out and tried it again and the key came out first try, the only thing different from last year is a whole new tranny so maybe something is loose in the linkage.