Ignition Module


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May 27, 2001
Is there any way to test an ignition module ?

I did the conversion to an 87 module and I still have a no start. BFH gave me a chart that troubleshoots a no start condition but it seems to point to the module each time. All the injector test light tests and voltage tests lead me to the module.

The module is brand new so I dont understand the problem. I have checked and re-checked the wire connections, cam sensor setting and crank sensor setting. Got spark and compression but no injector pulse...so no gas.

What is the proper way to mount the new 87 coil on the module ? Could I have it backwards ?
It can go on either way - my front 3 wires - #2 #4 and #6 and rears are #1, #3 and #5...is this right ?
No...sorry RED thats what I meant. The even numbered at the front and odd at back.

Guess I gotta move on to another diagnosis than....still no start by the way.

Gotta be module
i still dont undersytand what you mean by no fuel but you have signal at the injectors....:confused:

so you saying you have one side of the plug getting power and the other side will flash a ground for signal..

so if the test light is plugged in one end in one of the wires of a injector plug and the other end pluged into the other wire you get a flash when cranking or no??

remember that it wont flash on the first rotation of the motor you have to spin it a couple times before they start flashing..:)
Sorry...let me clarify. I unplug the #1 inj and plug in test light there. Crank motor - no flash. So I refer to "No start" chart that tells me to disconnect module harness and put 12V to "C" pin. This gives me a flash at test light on injector #1. and I also hear the rest squirt.

I am removing my 87 module harness (splice end only) solder job and installing a new (Caspers) original 85 module harness (splice end). Then i'm gonna use the plug and play conversion for the 87 module. That eliminates any wire soldering errors I made. Not to mention the 87 CCCI harness splice end wires (x2) colours are wrong....

Got a module problem I hope. What say ?
You said you have wires 4, 2, 6 in the front and 1, 5, 3 in the rear? The emmissions decal on my '84 says that 1, 5, 3 goes in the front and 4, 2, 6 goes in the rear. Just a thought. That's how mine is set up.
Hey Stephen - I have the 87 module and coil in mine...so 2-4-6 are on the front.

STP - I have a new crank sensor on her....don't understand why things are not working here.
Is the engine fresh?

Hope not. Don't wanna wipe a camshaft.
Here's an idea

Put the known good 84-5 coil and module on it to break it in. Then figure out the prob with the 86-7 module
STP - I tried that. No go. Used my orig. coil and module that worked when it was running before. Still no start or cough or sputter.

Could it be a wire that I have missed or connected wrong ? What ?

Why do you think my cam might be at risk now ?

might have already wiped the cam. Does it have fuel psi? Cam sensor correct? Tried a different ECM? Chip? Eprom? Just throwin out ideas
Ya...got fuel PSI...tried new ECM...cam sensor new + set, crank sensor new and set.

Im lost. At the point now where it's getting towed to the shop. Going in tomorrow.
Gotta pay for it now. Too fed up.