im back.....


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Jan 7, 2013
hey guys, ive messaged the admin mulitple times keeping my old name liv4gnz, since i deleted the email associated with that user name, soo i ended up making a new one and spelt it wrong,
i finished my 3 years in the army, and after my cars been sitting for 3 years i took a crack at it today, to start with it was bored over .30 over, roller cam setup, new front cover, rjc girdle, ported and polished heads, dave husek built trans 3200 stall lockup converter, so after blowing multiple head gaskets i gave up on it for a while, took it apart today and found out my engine builder put the timing chain slider/guide on with the double roller, so im guessing it skipped teeth since i found the bracket inside the front cover and shredded plastic into my engine, still dont know the extent of how bad it actually is so i took everything off the the engine itself and its ready to be stripped down tomorrow, im probably going to have some random questions here and there, but its nice to be back and really have the time to work with it now little by little while im in school and the cars in my driveway,

thanks in advance and its good to be back
Welcome back and Thank You for your service. Did you ever find out why it was taking out head gaskets?
Keep us in the loop. :)

Happy spooling.
Mike Barnard
haha, well i pulled off the front cover, took out the bolt that held the slider, and put it back, not sure if its blocking or holding something else in there, i took out all the bolts for the oil pan but cant slip it out under the frame with the girdle so gonna pull the trans and engine tomorrow and workout a deal with my builder to go over everything re time it, and ill pay for gaskets and silicon haha, the least that bastard could do for me, but as far as the head gaskets, the first time i had no knock sensor gave it to my builder with it on got it back with it not on, not knowing enough about this car i didnt realize it wasnt there haha duh, changed them, not knowing my torque wrench was bad, duh, and than back together and this happens lol couldnt catch a break on this thing.