Im ready to shoot this 200-4r


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My car started off being slow out of the hole.I started off running 2.3 60 footers.As I got my car better tuned my times dropped to 2.0 60 footers.I wanted it to launch better yet, so I added an orange stripe-street brawler stall converter (3000 stall).I got two runs in before my car would no longer shift out of first.It would stay in first to the point of over-reving then shiftrd into second when it felt like it.The transmission shop seemed convinced my tranny was toast.They pulled it apart and showed me every band.They were all black.They rebuilt it for 1,500 dollars, added a shift kit and a few other goodies.I got two runs in and the same problem.Stays in first gear and shifts whenever.Only this time there was tranny fluid coming out of the pass. side rear of the tranny.Im taking it back tommorow to see if they can again figure it out.My car ran fine until I changed this stall converter, but everyone swears that could not be the problem.Is this orange stripe possibly a fluid hog?Any ideas would be appreciated.:confused: :mad: