Import Drag Series High Tech Class dec. 22

Nov 27, 2001
just wanted to remind you guys that there will be a high tech class on the last event of the import drag series dec 22nd clarify any rumors going around...paul G. has been telling pple that there isnt any high tech class even though its not his event...but after talking to Jason Skaggs, the promoter and Travis at Hypers- there will be a high tech class...prize money will come out of jason skaggs pockets and a portion from hyper..

rules? any domestic with EFI. it will be a heads up quick 8 not sure if theyll have brackets since most of the money is coming out of the promoters pockets...entry fee should be 25 dollars...pretty much anything goes...
87Octane you should enter you car. Like you said et's at 12.84. You could keep up with those Honda's.
Sounds like a good spectator night, I'll bring my earplugs, and my sense of humor.... :D :cool: ;) :p
Thanks for keeping us informed, I work that night so I can't make it. Is the Stang going to be in that race? If so goood luck!
our stang wont be in that the trans out and ready to pull the motor this weekend for a budget rebuild as well as some goody parts....putting a cam, heads, rering the pistons and put studs on the main caps as well as reseal the infamous 5.0 oil leaks....hope to put in a c-4 trans as well...well be out for a while... henry and allan should be out and the favorites unless theres other dark horses that comes out like that iroc camaro ...maybe a secret GN in the works? never know till its race day! hey in sick...i wont tell
We can enter our TR's? I thought its an import race this Saturday?
yes its a import event...but theres a class called Hi-tech...basically any domestics with EFI...thats the only rule...anything goes..double power adder...alcohol injection...stripped car...towed in race car...whatever goes as long as its electronic fuel injected...if we can get a good showing...we might be able to have more events with the import drags....