Indy Pace Car and Hall of Fame Plates will be Ready Monday, February 20

Emails have been sent as follows:

Alright guys, the plates will be ready for order on Monday!!! is making reproduction 1989 Pace Car Plates and reproduction Indiana Indy Hall of Fame Plates with your choice of build number or any other 4 digit number you want. Starting Monday, February 20, 2006, you can order your choice of plates. I was quoted $45 for the Pace Car Plate. I never did get a quote for the Hall of Fame Plate, however I'm assuming it will be the same. (Note: Neither of the plates are listed on their website)

Here’s how to order:
  • Call Toll-Free 1-800-491-2068. In South Florida please call 954-485-0995. Their friendly operators will assist you with the order process between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.
  • Tell them you would like to order a "Pace Car Plate" or an "Indy Hall of Fame Plate", or both.
  • Then be sure to tell them what Number you want put on the plate(s).
  • They will then take your shipping and payment information.
    Shipping is Free in the United States. Specifics can be found here

It’s as easy as that. If you want to wait and see a final product, as soon as I receive my plates I will post pictures of how they came out. You can make your decision then. I'll be ordering mine first thing monday morning.

Any other questions you may have can be answered at

It has taken some time, but we’re finally getting this done. I’m really excited to see how these turn out.


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Cool, great job.

Do the plates have the reflective material like the originals? Also is the Hall of Fame plate embossed (raised "HF" and number) like the real thing?
Jan Larsson said:
Cool, great job.

Do the plates have the reflective material like the originals? Also is the Hall of Fame plate embossed (raised "HF" and number) like the real thing?

No, they're not embossed . . . that would cost over $100 to do that because of tooling fee's. :eek: And I don't think they're reflective.
Ordered mine today and they said it will go out b4 the weekend, is that cool or what I expected to wait a few weeks. Thanks for all your effort Who Needs 8! :) :) :) :)
Jan Larsson said:
If someone could post some pictures when you got the plate I would really appreciate it before I order one.

The minute I get mine, I'll be sending out pictures via email and I'll post up also.

BTW: Just to make things clear. I am not profiting from sales, nor did I invest any money into this project. It originally was an idea of something that I wanted and I figured I would include my Brethren :p
Got mine yesterday, but unfortunately I can't upload pics. Looks just like the pic, I can't believe I got the plate in under a week!!! I love it....Thanks Again Who Needs 8 for all your footwork!!! :D
yeah, mine came yesterday, but I wasn't there and they didn't leave it at the door :mad: So now I got to go to the post office to pick it up, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to tonight.
flat piece but not as thin as a normal plate.. Looks like it's fiberglass with screened print on it. Not reflective Would be nice if they were closer to the original ones but considering what the real ones go for it's better then nothing! :biggrin: I'm having a frame shop make a big thing up for my car so it's going in that and once in the frame you'll never know it's not real neways! :cool:
Alright. Picked mine up from the post office tonight.

First Off:
I thought I specified Aluminum plates. I'm going to have to check my correspondence emails at work tomorrow.

The plates I got are definitely plastic. So I'm not sure where the miscommunication went: in my emails or when I ordered the plates.

So, all of you guys that have ordered the plates and are receiving them this week: I will find out what they will do if you really wanted aluminum.

I’m really happy with the way they turned out, even if they are on plastic. I haven’t decided if I’m happy with them on plastic or if I’d rather them be on aluminum. But I defiantly will find out what they will do for the guys whom wanted aluminum tomorrow. For $45 a piece, I don’t want you guys to be unhappy or disappointed. I’m too much of a perfectionist that way.

As far as reflective goes: That’s something that you might ask them when you call in to order the plates. I am not sure if they are capable of doing that or not (I would think that they wouldn’t do reflective just on a legality stance, but who knows).

And the embossed idea: I’m 99% sure they could make an embossed plate for the Hall of Fame plate (only because they can make other plates that way). If you want one that is embossed, then you’ll have to ask them about prices. Just from what I’ve read on their website, be prepared for a $100 plus price tag for something like that.

You can see the pictures of my two plates here: FYI: I've left the shrink-rap on for now.

I will get back with you guys tomorrow.

I emailed them today about the plates being printed on plastic. Here's the reply I got:

We do have a metal plate we can use for the full color plates, but I never recommend it over the plastic. It is thin aluminum and can bend easily. Also, it has much longer slotted holes (~1"). If somebody would still prefer a metal plate, they can ask for it when ordering. We can't do exchanges on any custom items.

So if you've already ordered and received the plastic plates and wanted Metal: I appologize, I should have told you to tell them metal.

If you haven't ordered them yet, and want metal, tell them when you call in and order.

Other than not being on metal, I'm pleased with them. They look exactly like what I expected.


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I think they look great...not really worried about the plastic I guess. Thanks for putting this together, you did a fine job :cool:

Anybody get plates with a 4-digit number yet, I'd like to see how look compared to the 3-digit plates in the pic's. If so please post pic's.

Got some pictures of them on the car before the sun went down.

Now you guys know what gave me this idea to begin with :p

It's funny how it looks like I photoshopped these in, but I really did take three different pictures


Ok, here's a little game to play with no prize:

By looking at the pictures of my Car's A**, who can guess my major goal to have done this year??? :cool:
Thanks for the leg work. I don't know if they offer it but I asked about a price break. I got two plates for $80. One for show, one for go. Alot of money for plastic but well worth it. Adds more than $45 worth of looks to the car. :D