Info on Reds 106....


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May 25, 2001
Can't get anybody at Quad Air till Wed.and the car is hitting dyno Mon. morning.

So with a 106 chip, what would be best octane running 72 # inj.'s and a TE63 stealth turbo. Also have CAS V-2, GN-1's, 1.55 r/r's, 214-210 roller cam, 70 mm tb/upper, Poston headers, ATR 3" down/crossflow.....and all the other little stuff to support the big stuff......

Also what would be a good base set-up for fuel pressure and boost level to start with.


I think it should have at least 110 added after pumping out tank.
Just my .02;)
I you can, try to tune the car before you put it on the dyno. Use atleast 110 or 112 race gas. It is better to be fat, so start with more fuel and work your way down. Boost will vary depending on the flow of the intake and heads. I hope you have a tunning tool such as a Scanmaster, Turbolink, Direct scan etc.. This is a must. Good luck! Keep up posted!