Injector Install?


I just purchased some 868's and wondered how hard it would be to install them myself. Hopefully the downpipe doesn't have to be removed? Also, are the o-rings the only type of gasket these need? Also, for those of you that have these, what kind of fuel pressure are you running? Any tips will be appreciated.
:DHey WG1 a little off topic here. But where did you get your duel electric fans from? And are you running the stock 84/5 rad?
You have to remove the turbo and the long bracket that holds it in place to even get to the injectors on the passenger side. Then its a matter of removing the injectors and replacing them with your new injectors. Be sure to use vaseline to lubricate the new injectors so they will slip in better. The injectors in my 85 were very difficult to remove, I had the manifold off, and knocked them out from the bottom. Good luck.
Thanks for the replies; I may wait till I purchase a new turbo before the injectors go in. BuickTV6: My profile may be misleading, my dual fans means 2 seperate fans not the twin spal-like unit. I've got a Hayden 14" pusher on the front of the radiator and a junkyard unit (off a '96 Roadmaster) on the back. This may seem like overkill but the Hayden doesn't pull many amps so I use it primarily in the staging lanes.