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I've got my Sy's intake off at the moment and wondering if I need to upgrade the injectors while I have it apart to maybe save me some work in the future. Truck is not going to be a drag star but I'm not opposed to stepping it up some. Just wondering how far can I safely go on stock injectors before they max out, especially if I add alky injection? I do have a set of MSD 50's that were take outs from a GN but I've sort of heard mixed opinions on them. Anybody running them or have any experience with them? I know that years back they were popular in the Buicks but they seemed to have fallen out of favor. Or should I just go ahead and step up to new Siemens/Deka style that seems to be popular today? Are they any better?

Thanks guys, all opinions welcome.
I think I have a turbo Tweak chip for a set of 50's. Was the old style and for a stock style setup if memory serves me right. Let me see if I can find it for you.
I have found the chip and attached a picture. This will make it idle and run better. I have another 80 lb chip setup but it is for a Highly modified motor. I will try and find your number to discuss or you can give me a call.


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Can't seem to get to my conversations on the site for your phone number. Give me a call when you get a chance (228) 323-3364
I appreciate all of your help. I work this evening but I can call you tomorrow. What time is good?