Injector Question???


Nov 23, 2003
280 150 219 (927) These numbers are on my injectors, Are these stock injectors? If so, Does anyone know what injectors will interchange with stock injectors for the 87 GN? These look like they have been in the car since 1987!! One of them is BIG TIME DUMPING FUEL when engine is shut off, FLOOD CITY when you crank it up.

Help!! anyone
Thank's Dean

Hi Dean,
Checkout for an injector number and flow rate chart, in technical articles under fuel systems. I would go to a bigger injector, say an 009, when replacing them. Don't forget,you'll need a better pump and an adjustable regulator and a new chip to take advantage of the upgrade.Otherwise, stick with green stripes, disc version of the stocker. Good luck!
These injectors are solid black in color, Does that sound like a stock injector?
I found a chip in the glove box also that say's stage one, Is this supposed to be a step above stock?

Sounds like the stock injectors. Do u have a custom chip? If your looking for a stock replacement go with the green stripes.
What is your setup? Stock,ect...:)
Mine is stock at this time other than the chip I found in the glove box. My turbo was pumping oil when I bought the car so I put a GARRETT TO4E Hybrid on it with my boost around 9 lbs, I put the stage 1 chip in and turned my boost up around 13 lbs and it seemed to run great until my injector problem started. Ive only had it about a week and a half.