May 8, 2002
What is a stock innercooler good to MPH / TIME . I'm thinking about upgrading it.
I have a TA49 / 40lbs red stripe inj. / SMC Alcohol kit / Caspers 7 pos chip / Kirban fuel pump / Adj. wastgate and fuel reg./ 3"ssdp
caspers alt booster / Heated o2 sensor / 2800 stall , Trans Star shift kit in rebuilt trans ETC.
I was told the stock innercooler is good to mid 11sec. range before you need to change it any help would be great .

i have also heard the stock one is good into the 11's but i would rather upgrade and have a nice cushion to fall back on rather than push the stock one to the limit, IMO. one mod you can do to the stock intercooler is get the enlarged duttweiler neck that replaces the stock 2" intercooler inlet neck and makes it 2.5" in diameter. flow rates go from 208 CFM to 251 CFM and you an expect to gain 2-2.5 lbs. boost increase. it is readily available from almost all the TR performance dealers:)
for the money, hows the Powerstroke intercooler?

!!!!!! I think its the best deal for your money over all other intercoolers ! may take some hard hours of work to install, but if you got tools, it aint that bad. it has close to the same cross sectional area as the PTE intercooler, it has over 200sq in. more surface area than the PTE(i think), its thinner and doesnt block as much air to the radiator, and again, it costs next to nothin. i think its a great deal, especially if you want somethin cheap. total cost of everything you need will be around 300 including a brand new intercooler.

the intercooler (not innercooler) comes from a F250 or F350 ford Diesel pickup truck. go to your local junkyards, and say you want the intercooler off a 99-2002 truck of this sort. shouldnt be very expensive, ive heard like, 50 bucks sometimes. you pull it yourself, save some money. or, you can go to your friendly ford dealership, and order a replacement unit for about 220 to 250 brand new. your choice.