Inserting Cam Bearings

dank GN

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My question is still - where do the holes go when inserting the #1 cam bearing?
Pics show the bearing not fully installed so that both block and bearing holes can be seen.

Oil is fed to the #1 cam bearing from #1 Main via the drilled hole shown in Pics A1 and B1.
The oil flow is then split between (i) the bearing hole shown in these pics (A1 and B1) and
(ii) the machined groove and then the other bearing hole (Pics A2 and B2).

A small quantity of this second flow of oil is fed away from the cam bearing to very small holes
oiling the lifters via the LH gallery - fed by the drilled hole shown in Pics A2 and B2.

So which is the best alignment - "A" (as in Pics A1, A2) - or "B" (Pics B1, B2)?

Thx - Derek

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Also you should check out the bearings TA sell . What Heads are you going to be running ? Stage heads with single shaft rockers ? What cam r u running solid roller ?